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About Jason + Dana Higgs

Making things simple is our modus operandi—turning something complex into something easily understood, readable and clean. Keeping the edges tidy and letting go of the non-essential details is the first step to finding the free space to really express yourself. If you can’t list it in bullet points or define it with an appealing border, we’re probably not going to pay attention anyway.

We excel at taking the needs of our clients and translating them into communication. What do we design? What don’t we design. We’ve collectively worked in nearly every medium available, from 3D modeling to branding to POP displays to wayfinding—the list goes on, just like the beat.



“Higgs & Co. has been tremendous for our organization and has kept us current in our quest to best use our information “for good”. We have received a plethora of compliments and positive comments, not only from our board but also from our supporters. We love the Higgses, their work, their attitude, their playfulness, and their enthusiasm for the job and their ability to keep MHM beautiful.” —Mark W. Fulton, President Mission Haiti Medical, Inc.

“The Cat in the Hat said it best, that “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” More to the point, I think we all understand when something works visually after we’ve seen it, but when you’re starting from scratch, it’s incredibly difficult to explain to someone what that might look like, especially when you’re not really sure yourself. Higgs & Co. is one of the best at taking the shine you have for your brand and transferring it into something you can show people. It doesn’t hurt that their one of the most warm and hilarious couples you might ever have the good fortune to meet.” —Matt Wade, Fairview Farms Owner